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Mesh Tools



  • nVIDIA Texture Tool - DXTC texture compression plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to open and save .dds files in RGB format. It reads and writes .dds files. Free.

  • UVMapper - is a stand-alone texture mapping utility for the creation and modification of UV coordinates for n-sided polygonal 3D models. Commercial, but has free demo.

  • Texture Library - mainly free textures

  • Converting Landsat2Orbiter Tutorial - by peaceman


Terrain/Bump Map Generators & Base Construction

  • 3DPaysage - A free and simple way to make surface meshes that save to anim8tor format.

  • Terranim8tor - Terrain generation for Anim8tor.

  • City Builder - By Stefano Adriani (AVSIM Registration Required)

  • Base grid Tool - by c3po. Just a simple grid that helps placing objects on a base.

  • Image Splitter For Orbiter - A simple program, that splits one big image to parts, and names them using orbiter surface tiles naming convention. It will save time when creating a bases with many surface tiles.

  • Terragen

  • Planet Engine

  • Terrain Generator - Worth a look. Don't know if its of any use for Orbiter though.


Getting Your Model Into Orbiter


Miscellaneous utilities

  • Pylon 0.1 beta - by Juan J. Luna. Its purpose is to make dynamic scenarios, buildings, stations, etc. It allows you to make movable vessel parts with attached vessels, and more.

  • Meshland 1.1 - by artlav. Features Landable terrain meshes, planets & asteroids meshes and multi-level structures.

  • Convert - Unit Conversion Tool

  • Engine Performance Calculator - by SimonPro


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